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Cement-Like Spackling and Patching Compound
A 100% elastomeric styrene/acrylic silicone-modified super flexible white mastic designed to permanently seal any leak, bridge and fill any crack, large or small. Excellent for both interior and exterior use; 100% sandable. Use it to fix expansion joints, to seal plumbing or electrical intakes. Seals crack and holes in concrete, wood, metal, asphalt and polyurethane.
BASIC USES:   Excellent for fixing expansion joints and contain wall joints, sealing plumbing or electrical intakes.
All surfaces must be clean and free of contaminants such as dirt, grease, mildew, oil, rust, loose or badly cracked sealant and paint.

COLOR:   White.
CLEAN UP:   Immediately after use with warm soapy water.
SURFACES:   Concrete. Drywall. Wood. Metal.



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    Product Description

    Siliconizer Elastomeric Crack Filler
    A 100% elastomeric, styrene/acrylic, silicone-modified, white mastic for interior or exterior use, designed to permanently seal any leak and bridge any crack.  A super flexible mastic that will adhere to any surface and fill any cracks — large or small; 100% sandable.  Will not crack, peel or crumble, even after exposure to severe weather conditions.


    • 100% elastomeric
    • 100% sandable
    • 100% odor free
    • Heat-reflective
    • Ultra white
    • Water-resistant
    • 100% permanent adhesion
    • 100% paintable
    • Non-yellowing
    • 100% water cleanup
    • Mildew and moisture resistant
    • Seals concrete, drywall, wood and metal

    To seal all types of cracks and leaks. Use around pipes that enter a building, around flashing and broken tile. Excellent for fixing expansion joints and contain wall joints, sealing plumbing or electrical intakes.

    For a good bonding, follow these instructions: (1) Rough up the surface one or two inches beyond the area to be repaired.  (2) Dampen the area to be repaired, but do not flood.  (3) Apply masti For best results, follow these instructions: (1) SHRINKAGE CRACKS (less than 1/32” wide): Prime  with LANCO® Acrylic Roof and Wall Primer/Sealer™ AS210 and let dry. Apply LANCO® Siliconizer Elastomeric Crack Filler™ over crack and two inches to each side of it. (2) CRACKS 1/32” OR BIGGER: Any  cracks bigger than 1/32” should be pouted out to 1/4” wide and 1/4” deep.

    Clean crack with water, and let dry. Prime with LANCO® Acrylic Wall and Roof Primer/Sealer™ AS-210 and let dry four hours.  Fill joint completely and two inches to each side with LANCO® Siliconizer Elastomeric Crack Filler™ and let dry 24 hours. (3) JOINTS: Clean  joints  with  water and let dry.  Prime with LANCO® Acrylic  Roof  and  Wall  Primer / Sealer™ AS-  210.  And  let  dry.   Fill them with backing rod and cover  with LANCO® Siliconizer Elastomeric Crack Filler™ 11/16” over surface and two inches to each side of joint. as it comes with flexible putty knife.  Smooth and feather edge.

    Caution: Use only with adequate ventilation.  Do not take internally.  Keep out of reach of children.

    COLOR:   White.   DRYING TIME:  
    Tack free: 15 minutes. To coat with latex paint: 2 hours. To coat with alkyd paint: 24 hours.
    PRODUCT SIZES:   1 GALLON. 1 QUART. 1 PINT. 8OZ.   SURFACE:   Concrete. Drywall. Wood. Metal.  

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    Manufacturer LANCO
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