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    Cement-Like Spackling and Patching Compound
    A ready-to-use mastic for the concrete-like repair of holes, cracks and other imperfections in the interior/exterior concrete or masonry surfaces; may be used as an adhesive to join broken pieces of concrete or brick. Dries to a concrete gray color; 100% paintable in 2 hours.
    BASIC USES:   To repair large and/or small holes, cracks, crevices and dents in exterior or interior concrete, brick and masonry surfaces by creating a concrete-like finish that when painted will hide every single hole or dent.  Can also be used in exposed concrete to hide imperfections, holes and dents, creating a concrete-like finish in texture and color..
    TEXTURE:   Rough.
    Use a wire brush, chisel or similar tool to remove all loose material, dust, dirt, oil and grease from the area to be repaired.  Use LANCO® Lacquer Thinner LT-102 to remove oil and grease.
    READY TO USE:   Yes.
    FINISH COLOR:   Gray.
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